DopeSilly Podcast

Brought to you by Andrew Barlow (@sirbizlow) and Peter Blom (@somethingfishy5), the DopeSilly Podcast will discuss life’s annoying problems and most interesting questions with some much-needed levity. Among other thoughts on pop-culture, comedy, and things of the like, we’ll convince you that maybe life, death, and infinity aren’t that big a deal. Dopesilly is an hour of comedy spliced with some quarter life crisis. This is a serious podcast not to be taken seriously. Lighten up.

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“A serious and good philosophical work could be written consisting entirely of jokes.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

 Latest Episode:

Episode 37 – Sweet Sweet Twitter Questions

Andrew returns to NY and the Moon. This time he is joined by only Sych (iboy Tell ‘Em) and the gorgeous Al Chestbreach. The gentlemen discuss past weekends, famous characters, and new scripts. And there’s all sorts of twitter questions! (Music: Story of My Life by Social Distortion)


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